Reciprocal IVF

Dr Daniel Lantsberg believes that everyone is created equal and entitled to the opportunity to build their family in the way they choose. We understand that life creation is a life-defining journey and we want to be a part of that, together with you.

With the advancement of medicine and the field of fertility, new options have arrived to enable everyone to have a family. For the members of LGBTQ, it translates to encouragement. One of the most popular methods among same-sex female couples is the usage of reciprocal IVF. It allows such couples to relish life by starting a new family.

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How does it Work?

In same-sex female couples, both partners become intimately involved in the pregnancy and conceiving of the child. Being physically involved in the process can produce emotional attachment to the child being conceived. One will act as the gestational carrier, while the other woman will provide the eggs.

A sperm of a donor is chosen, and one of the partner’s eggs is chosen for the procedure. The chosen woman will need to undergo a stimulation cycle to retrieve her eggs. The eggs are fertilized, and embryos are developed in the lab. The partner will at the same time undergo preparation to synchronize her endometrium using oral medications so that the embryo can be transferred to her uterus at the best perfect timing to create a pregnancy.

It is important to mention that before any kind of procedure, will want to assess reproductive and general health. Certain factors such as health conditions, as well as age and possible concerns, will need to be taken into consideration before the treatment.

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Success Rate

When the eggs originate from a person under the age of 35, they tend to perform the best. As the age advances, the success rate might be also affected. The gestational carrier’s age may be much older with very little to no impact on success rates. Fitness and overall health also plays a crucial role and will be discussed with you at your appointment. Overall, it is a brilliant option for lesbian couples to have that want to bring new life into their family.

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